Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Want to get MARRIED!!!!!! [fullstop]

By hooke or by crook I want to get married after I finish my study at matriculation! Please help me Fatin?

[I’m very shocked…and thinks awhile how to talk with her]

“Do you want to be married after this, are you seriously? Do you have think it deeply?” I ask her smoothly.

“I’m serious and sure about my feeling and my decision. I’m not joking,okay. I think you better know about me. I had thinking it deeply, if I’m not a student of matriculation, for sure, I was married just now!” say Elya, with her clean and light face that full of hope.

“I know your feeling, erm, how to say, you are very young my dear, have you prepared to be wife? How your study? Don’t you waste your time study here and end it with your married?. Oh ya before that, why you have to married urgently, I can’t understand.” I trying to understand her better.

“Ya, I’m very young to be married at the age of 19,so what? I saw most peoples getting married at the young age. People before also getting married in the young old. So, its there is a problem? I strongly confident that I had prepared to be a wife, even not fully to be a good wife, but I need start it first. I heard speech by ustaz X. He say, don’t wait to marry and don’t wait until you prepared to married because you will never be prepared. You only prepare it when you had a married. Why? Because, after married, both of you have a big responsible as husband and wife towards each other. Then, you and your couple will begin your new life and learn more about your couple, understanding him/her, and automatically both of you will prepared to be a good wife and husband. Fatin, have you heard a proverb, “experience is the best teacher” or in the other words, “experiences teach you about true life. I have a discussion with my future husband that I wish to further my study after matriculation as it is my family ‘s dream which is to see me success, graduated and have a good work. And he very understand me and my family’s dream. He also support me by giving permission to me to continue my study. More aggrieved,he also wants to continue his study with me.”

[I understand her now..she continue again]

“Fatin, it’s not an urgent married for me, because that is my dream which is getting married at early age.” [she give me a sweet smile]

“What? [I’m shocked for second time]

….[speechless for a while]

….[I thinks what is the meaning of Elya to say like that]

….[What are in her head right now? Sex? is not like that person]

“Fatin, fatin…are you okay”[she waving her hand in order to attract my attention]

“I’m sory my dear.. I have thinking so far about your words. Can you explain more about your dream to be married at early age. You are so unpredictable. So weird! Hihihihi..but it is interesting topic to be disscuss!” say Fatin with her excited face.

“Ohh I see, you are so funny Fatin! Have you read an articles about “young married” or mp3 talks by ustaz about advantages for marriage? You are loss about this knowledges my dear, but nevermind. Let’s I story it to you. We are adolescene my dear, don’t shy to learn about marriage. Later, you want to be married also, am I right? You know marriage is the interesting topic to be disscuss and learn. So, first of all,my dream to be married at young age when I know the advantages about its. Marriage is a natural tendency that He give to us. You know marriages also is a heaven of world for godly partners. Beside that, when you’ve married, all things or activities you do together with your partners is permitted and get and your partners hold hands togethers, your sins will flow out through your fingers, so, don’t be shy to hold your partner hand. Subhanallah! So sweet. Hihihi. Then, the partner’s pray more accepted than single pray. Do you know all good deeds that your husband do, we as wife will get the same merit like our husband get. For example, if your husband solah pilgrim at mosque, he will get 27 merit and you as his wife also get the same merit, that is 27! Subhanallah!.

“Beside that, I want to married early because, I want a person called as husband take care of me, protect me and take me to get His true love. I’m very afraid to live in this world alone without a man called as husband. Now, almost things in this world are not right. It’s seem like this world is become to Zaman Jahiliah. Wallahuaklam! As we know that woman is a libel of the world! It’s has been say in al-hadith

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w., "Tidak aku tinggalkan selepasku fitnah yang paling dahsyat ke atas lelaki melainkan fitnah wanita.” - Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari: 4706 dan Muslim: 4923.

…. So I don’t want to be once of them. That why I want to marry early. Once important note that I want to share with you. Woman have 10 private parts, when we’ve married, our husband will closed once of that (that is our genitalia) and when we’ve died, then a grave will close others, 9 our private parts!” Elya stop and breathing in.

“MasyaAllah, thank you for your explaination. Now,I clearly understand your feeling. I never think about that. So, what is your problem now?

To be continued….=p

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