Sunday, April 25, 2010

::Diary Marathon::

diary marathon means the updated post for one week,okey...huhuhuhu,
let start it...

This date have a"Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan & Mesyuarat PIBG".Alhamdulillah, my parents come to my beloved school by viose. Owh, ya that day I come early to school to manage a register of attend of parents. huhuhuhuh...that was a good experience and more interesting, I may known my friend's parents.

At 10.30, the time that us waiting that was a Council of Present's Impart [huhuhuh, phm ke idak?? susah lar ayat me!! >>majlis penyampaian hadiah<<]. Alhamdulillah, I got a few presents and most specially I got Tafsiran Al-Quran for three higher subject...Alhamdulillah,
Alhamdulillah, so far so good, this present gave more advantages to me and more importantly, its the best guide and always accompony my soul. I LOVE ITS SO MUCHH...thankz my teachers!!

hah, for me this day is a "unprofit day"...huhuhu...astagfirullahhalazim...
First: I have no tuition because my teachers ill.
Second:After come back from school, I very bored, then I waste my gold time to watch a television continously. There are:
*Musang Berjanggut on TV3 [4.30-5.30]
*Munajat Cinta on TV9 [5.30-6.30]
*Black & White on TV2 [6.00-7.00]
*AdaMaya on Tv3 [6.30-7.30]
I just break a few minute for bath, solat and eat...huhuhuhu...
Unlucky, this condition were not continously until the night...huh,
but I cannot gainsay that I am very interesting to a story "Black & White".
I was made a decission, I choose "Black & White" as the time to rest and watching this drama in my daily routine. This drama function as entertain to me after half-day at school for study...huhuhu....

Nothing special in this day, I just got a nightmare that happen at 3.30 am. An old said, if we dream in the morning, its will really want to know about the dream??
huhuhu..actually its a private dream but I want to story a little about it.

A story start, when this day I always think a person, I don't know why. Maybe the effect of "thinking the person", so I was took the person in my dream. Astagfirullahhalazim.... and the things that I dissappointed and regret in this day is, I cannot study comfortably and sleep early.

what are the story in this days ha??
wait a minute....
I recall back~~

ohh I see, I was remembered again...huhuhuh..
That is "Waiting of Useless Day"!
Actually, my beloved bro call me and told me that he will post my handphone that day.
So, I was very excited to hear it. Then, at the school, I am not to be patient to back home.
At 2.40 p.m, we were line up and recite a prayer before back home.Then, all student were dismissed class by class and then, the student's ride were last dismissed.I reaching my home at 3.00 p.m, then I straightly find maybe a parcel that contain my handphone but that was a very dissappointed things when I cannot find any parcel. =( Then I got a message from my bro. He told that he not yet post my handphone. Arghhhhh....I am very eager to him. Next time, do not make a plain pledge if we cannot fulfil it,this sentence also aim to the male especially that like make a pledge. Okay,remembered it!!

Hurm, I not to story long about two days because I have new posting in a new specific topic to compose then email it to kaq zehan, so that she can marking and correct my compose..huhuhuh...

okey, 24/4: I think all know that this day, all student in peninsula malaysia have a school replace.So, this day I came to school as usual,in the morning all student have a workshop followed by form until recess and after that,we have a program to greet a maulidurrasul.

25/4: huhuhuhu..I was hang out with kakbut went to Bahau for bought some book..that is history reference book and exercise book for Bahasa Melayu.

Okay, I want to stop it now. I think I not having time to start my new post this morning because laptop's watch show that the time now is 0200 am. Moreover, tomorrow I have a class biology and Bahasa Melayu.InsyaALLAH, tomorrow I will compose a new posting in a favourite title.I cannot tell it now So, wait in patience!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hiiii….salaam one Malaysia!!! Huhuhuhu..
Hurm, today………
This morning I have a seminar biology at SMKPB. Erm…so far so good. I want to story about SMKPB…huhuhu…Actually I was first time came this school, so, I am very excited to came this school that are most of my friends live in Palong 1 choose this school as a place to study. The distance SMKPB from Palong 1 only six kilometers. I went to SMKPB with five other students. That are me, yusHanani, zaniafa, Rosmah, Hani and Thenesh, one only a boy’s student from my school.Then I and three others my bestfriend went by teacher Hazlina’s car.At 8 o’clock we arrived at SMKPB. Then teacher leave us in this school in waiting two other my friends.So, we were walking in SMKPB’s area while compare this school with our school.huhuhuhuh…Then, we realize that our school is the best school. We also grateful got school at SMKP2. I n my opinion, SMKPB is a small school that have an irregular buildings…huuhuuhuh….that is so funny.[heheheheh…xbaik betul ana ni] and more funny, the canteen was very dirty and too small. I think,the environment of this school is not good to students.So, I thankful got school at SMKP2. I love my school very99 much.

Okay, I think I want to story about the seminar but I not have an idea.huhuhuh. Hopefully, after I attending this seminar, I got the technique how to answer paper 3 in biology..,although I not clearly more because it not easy to catch up all technique in four hour, but I will try my best to answer the best answer in spm,insyaalah.AMIN.

Huh, today also, I have a big problem, one day I cannot study very well because I remembered on someone. Then I loose the strength to study. ALLAHhuakbar!!!!
I so worried to see my self like this. I think my soul is empty. Ya Allah, help me,guide me to STUDY SMART!!!!!!!!!! Astagfirullahhalazim….tension++++…I think it better to stop now. Please pray the best for me.

===>>>>>my FAVOURITE SONGS that only can calm my soul<<<<<====

Friday, April 16, 2010


Huh, hiiii...!!
Today is Friday, that the leader of other days, right??.Usually, each Friday female's student have a program "My Rose".or in malay, we call "Kau Mawarku".The aim of this program were to ensconce a spiritual value in student's self. In order, nowadays, too many cases of expel babies, Astagfirullah.This program took only 40 minutes, start from 12.40 until 1.40.Then, we have "solat zuhur berjemaah".In nutshel, on Friday, we always back home at 2.00 pm. So, when this progaram was canceled,happiness were show clearly on the face each students including me...huhuhuhuh...alhamdulillah.

That was a good news for me, but What were things that makes me boring??? Guest what??
This week, I not have a tuition class. Huh,that was a very99 boring and tension week.Actually, I am very scared and anxious to take SPM, because all my teachers put a fully hope to me, so must give them the best result in SPM.Futhermore, I am in types, that more likes and comfortable study in school better in my home. It is because in home, I cannot manage my time wisely.I know this week, all techers busy in preparation for the Excellent Award Day 2009 on this sunday, 18th April 2010.

But I think, this week I have some improvement than the the past week.So, I hope,each days, there are must be some improvement in myself.Although this week is very boring without a tuition,but it still have the profit because there were so many homework that I must finish up.So, I "reda" and believe that all things happened must have 1000000000 of wisdom.Okey, I have to stop now because my time to write is finish.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

::New Blog::

Yesterday, I got my composition book. Then, my teacher complain that my composition was not consistent.So, I think, I have do something to improve my compostion.Then, I got an idea to create a new blog in title "English Diary Milk" to achieve my objective.
Each wordS in the blog's name have a specific meaning and vision.There are:-

*ENGLISH = InsyaALLAH, I will try to write a FULLY english's post.
*DIARY = In this blog I will post my daily routine or in other word is"diary"
*MILK = huhuhuhu...actually, I want to show to all visiter that I love
chocolate "diary milk" by cadbury [it is right my spelling]

So, it means I need a laptop from abang mizi to help me update this blog each day.Can I got it?? Hurm, this week, kakbi leave her laptop because she not having time to took this laptop. For this three day with this kakbut's laptop, I think burdened with it because I have waste so many time to surf facebook only.That was a very bad leisure time that I regreted.Seriously, for four month of this year, I think, I never satisfied my study time because I cannot used my leisure time wisely.So, my friends @ visiter, I need your support an favour especially my siblings.

Okey,I have five minute more to write, so, I wanted to talk a story about my rocket.
Hurm, yesterday also I have launch my group's rocket, ALHAMDULILLAH, my rocket was one of a good trial because it lunched very well, but I need to repair it more to product the best rocket.huhuhuh....

Actually I have too many homework to do, so, I think I must stop now.Please pray for me and any comments or correction for each my composition is acceptable. So, do not be shy to leave your comment because your comment maybe can help me.Thank you.

::Ya ALLAH, give me strength..~hasbiallah wa nikmal waqil~

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