Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giving Advice to A Friend.

55,Jalan Utama,
Taman Kempas,
08000 Sg.Petani,
Kedah,Darul Aman.

Dear Nabila,
It, has been almost two weeks since school reopened and you have yet to report for school. I was wondering whether you and your family had shifted to another place.That was when Rosmah and Faziana dropped the bombshell. It is true that you are intending to quit school because of financial constraints?

I know your father was recently retrenched and your mother had to take on part-time jobs to make ends meet. But surely things cannot be so bad you that you have to stop school. Do your parent know about your decision? I am sure that the bad times your family is going through is only temporary. It is only a matter of time before your father will be able to find another job.

Why don't you come to school and discuss your problem with your teachers? I am sure your teachers would understand and be able to give you some good advice. They might even arrange for a scholarship or other financial aid, if they come to know of your problem. It may even be possible for you to attend school and take on part-time job in the evening as well.

I hope you will consider all the pros and cons before making a decision. A sound education will give you better job prospect and will open the door to many opportunities in life later on. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your bestfriend

1.dropped the bombshell : gaving the shocking news
2.make ends meet : earn enough money without having to borrow

For other words meaning, you can refer:-


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