Saturday, October 9, 2010

English is fun!

Assalamualaikum? Saat jariku sedang menari-nari di atas keypad hp nokia 2600 ni..believe or not that i actually in vios, drive by kak jidut stairway to heaven..(my sweet home+harmonies village) insyaALLAH, may ALLAH bless our journey! Amin... You know,the thing that very bore in the world when we have do nothing...such as stay in vios on the long journey...and I'am very grateful when I success download opera all my friend do to surf internet..Alhamdulillah! So, the positive effect from it, I can surf internet in all condition.. Once I hope is I get use this opportunities in good,not too eager and obseses with its and most important is not 'leka' and waste my time..amin.. Okay,go back to the title...'english is fun'..who agree with me? Put up your hands and wrinkle your blue eye.. (^_*) huhuhu! I have story to share with you.. Hmm,the story start when I met the cleverest junior form 3 Iltizam. He ask my result pmr and he shock when know i get B in subject bahasa shame...! Then, i just answer his question with a smile...then he said, (change languange) "ooo, akaq tak cukup jiwang ea masa buat karangan" huh, dalam hati sy waktu tu,fuh,budak ni pandai betul menafsir karangan sy.. Lepas itu, sy mengiakan saja jawapan Iqram.. Sy mengaku sy memang tak jiwang..itulah,bila kenang2kan result bm mase pmr dulu memang rase takut bm spm, i hope i get 1001 ideas to compose and get a+ in bahasa melayu..amin... Sy rase kagum sangat bace blog yg mengarang sendiri dengan mengguna bahasa melayu yg bombastik! Blog yg sy maksudkan ialah blog keretamayat dan selaluberbicara.. Pandai betul dieorang menulis cerita yg panjang2 dengan menggunakan pelbagai jenis ayat..masyaallah! Huh,back to the title..'english is fun'.. For me, english is fun! Even i'am not good to write or speak in english,at least, i have effort to learn and try to write english... Why i love write in english?? Hmm..first,i want to train my mind 'untuk biasakan diri ini' write english compose. So that, when i sit a paper 1 english in spm, i have idea to write.. Second, factor 'jiwang' i not good to write the BM compose because, when i write in BM, i think every sentences and words that i use is bore,simple and not matured! Then,you all can easy detect a weakness in my BM compose. Nexts causes, i thinks when we use english in write or speak..our readers or audiences cannot accept and feel our information directly....because when they accept it, they will understand automatically..(paham2 saja dan tak mudah terasa dengan kata-kata kita yang dilontarkan dalam bahasa inggeris tu)..that is definately different in BM.. Contohlah, kalau kite marah atau mengumpat seseorang dengan cakap loghat negeri atau cakap omputih dekat die... Mane satu bahasa yg kita cakap tu die akan terasa.. Confirmlah bahasa loghat die kan sbb, die direct dan faham..but, let you try angry someone and speaking in english at he/she...try it? For me, the result is, he/she will accept indirectly..(die hanya fhm2 macam tu yelah).. All in all, i love use english causes by three factors above..i hope you all enjoy read it.. Use english as much as you can.. Okay, i think my fingers need to stop dance because my pillow was called me.. Huh,ya, my journey to heaven will continue tomorrow, and the things that i really dissapointed is i cannot attend class add sad..hope i will catch up from my friends and teacher. I'am so sory teacher Rohana.. ~F&N 2345 PM~ (*¤*)


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