Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Ideal Life Partner..(^^?)

We all have very high expectations or ideals about our future life partners. It is a quite natural to have preconceived ideas about our future husbands or wives.It will indeed be rare to find an ideal life partner with all the virtues and qualities that we exalt. Perhaps that is the reason why some relationships that have strong initial potential tend to become sour. Its is not wrong to have dreams and fantasies about our future life partners but they should remain just that-dreams and fantasies. In reality we have to adapt ourselves and accomodate our spouses' faults and shortcomings to make marriages successful alliances.

I also have my dreams and fantasies of what an ideal husband should be . In the first place, he should be a gem of a character with a heart of gold. Good character and personality traits top my list priorities. I would not want a man that would be sought after every other woman and if he happens to have a roving eye, then he may prove to be unfaithful. Oh, I really hate unfaithful man, but I very hate unhonest man! No, I would rather prefer a man with avereage looks but who has a reputation and without any major flaws in his character.

My ideal life partner should also share some of my interests. I am an extrovert and I enjoy socializing and meeting people. Similarly, I would also expect my life partner to be outgoing and friendly. I also enjoy shopping and travelling. Huhuhuuh....I hope, I can travelling the world with my beloved husband. I have expensive hobbies and therefore tend to be extravagant. It is, therefore, quite natural for me to expect my life partner to be thrifty and who would, at the same time, try and curb my spending habits.

Although I would like a life partner with a financially secure job, I would not like him to be over-ambitious and put his career prospects, he might neglect his family. He might be also insist that I stay home and take care of the children. As I am a career woman, I will not be satisfied to be a mere housewife. I would life to be financially independent.

Like most women, I continue searching for my perfect man. He does not have to be a gorgeous-looking man but he must be a loving and responsible man. Not be a good conversationalist but he also have a good sense of humour. That, in a nutshell, are some of the things I look for in my future life partner.


1. Preconceived= opinion or idea formed in advance.
2. a gem of a character= a person with a very good character
3. a heart of gold= a person with a good heart
4. extrovert= a person who interested in what happening around him rather than his own thoughts and feelings.

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