Sunday, April 25, 2010

::Diary Marathon::

diary marathon means the updated post for one week,okey...huhuhuhu,
let start it...

This date have a"Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan & Mesyuarat PIBG".Alhamdulillah, my parents come to my beloved school by viose. Owh, ya that day I come early to school to manage a register of attend of parents. huhuhuhuh...that was a good experience and more interesting, I may known my friend's parents.

At 10.30, the time that us waiting that was a Council of Present's Impart [huhuhuh, phm ke idak?? susah lar ayat me!! >>majlis penyampaian hadiah<<]. Alhamdulillah, I got a few presents and most specially I got Tafsiran Al-Quran for three higher subject...Alhamdulillah,
Alhamdulillah, so far so good, this present gave more advantages to me and more importantly, its the best guide and always accompony my soul. I LOVE ITS SO MUCHH...thankz my teachers!!

hah, for me this day is a "unprofit day"...huhuhu...astagfirullahhalazim...
First: I have no tuition because my teachers ill.
Second:After come back from school, I very bored, then I waste my gold time to watch a television continously. There are:
*Musang Berjanggut on TV3 [4.30-5.30]
*Munajat Cinta on TV9 [5.30-6.30]
*Black & White on TV2 [6.00-7.00]
*AdaMaya on Tv3 [6.30-7.30]
I just break a few minute for bath, solat and eat...huhuhuhu...
Unlucky, this condition were not continously until the night...huh,
but I cannot gainsay that I am very interesting to a story "Black & White".
I was made a decission, I choose "Black & White" as the time to rest and watching this drama in my daily routine. This drama function as entertain to me after half-day at school for study...huhuhu....

Nothing special in this day, I just got a nightmare that happen at 3.30 am. An old said, if we dream in the morning, its will really want to know about the dream??
huhuhu..actually its a private dream but I want to story a little about it.

A story start, when this day I always think a person, I don't know why. Maybe the effect of "thinking the person", so I was took the person in my dream. Astagfirullahhalazim.... and the things that I dissappointed and regret in this day is, I cannot study comfortably and sleep early.

what are the story in this days ha??
wait a minute....
I recall back~~

ohh I see, I was remembered again...huhuhuh..
That is "Waiting of Useless Day"!
Actually, my beloved bro call me and told me that he will post my handphone that day.
So, I was very excited to hear it. Then, at the school, I am not to be patient to back home.
At 2.40 p.m, we were line up and recite a prayer before back home.Then, all student were dismissed class by class and then, the student's ride were last dismissed.I reaching my home at 3.00 p.m, then I straightly find maybe a parcel that contain my handphone but that was a very dissappointed things when I cannot find any parcel. =( Then I got a message from my bro. He told that he not yet post my handphone. Arghhhhh....I am very eager to him. Next time, do not make a plain pledge if we cannot fulfil it,this sentence also aim to the male especially that like make a pledge. Okay,remembered it!!

Hurm, I not to story long about two days because I have new posting in a new specific topic to compose then email it to kaq zehan, so that she can marking and correct my compose..huhuhuh...

okey, 24/4: I think all know that this day, all student in peninsula malaysia have a school replace.So, this day I came to school as usual,in the morning all student have a workshop followed by form until recess and after that,we have a program to greet a maulidurrasul.

25/4: huhuhuhu..I was hang out with kakbut went to Bahau for bought some book..that is history reference book and exercise book for Bahasa Melayu.

Okay, I want to stop it now. I think I not having time to start my new post this morning because laptop's watch show that the time now is 0200 am. Moreover, tomorrow I have a class biology and Bahasa Melayu.InsyaALLAH, tomorrow I will compose a new posting in a favourite title.I cannot tell it now So, wait in patience!


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