Friday, April 16, 2010


Huh, hiiii...!!
Today is Friday, that the leader of other days, right??.Usually, each Friday female's student have a program "My Rose".or in malay, we call "Kau Mawarku".The aim of this program were to ensconce a spiritual value in student's self. In order, nowadays, too many cases of expel babies, Astagfirullah.This program took only 40 minutes, start from 12.40 until 1.40.Then, we have "solat zuhur berjemaah".In nutshel, on Friday, we always back home at 2.00 pm. So, when this progaram was canceled,happiness were show clearly on the face each students including me...huhuhuhuh...alhamdulillah.

That was a good news for me, but What were things that makes me boring??? Guest what??
This week, I not have a tuition class. Huh,that was a very99 boring and tension week.Actually, I am very scared and anxious to take SPM, because all my teachers put a fully hope to me, so must give them the best result in SPM.Futhermore, I am in types, that more likes and comfortable study in school better in my home. It is because in home, I cannot manage my time wisely.I know this week, all techers busy in preparation for the Excellent Award Day 2009 on this sunday, 18th April 2010.

But I think, this week I have some improvement than the the past week.So, I hope,each days, there are must be some improvement in myself.Although this week is very boring without a tuition,but it still have the profit because there were so many homework that I must finish up.So, I "reda" and believe that all things happened must have 1000000000 of wisdom.Okey, I have to stop now because my time to write is finish.

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