Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hiiii….salaam one Malaysia!!! Huhuhuhu..
Hurm, today………
This morning I have a seminar biology at SMKPB. Erm…so far so good. I want to story about SMKPB…huhuhu…Actually I was first time came this school, so, I am very excited to came this school that are most of my friends live in Palong 1 choose this school as a place to study. The distance SMKPB from Palong 1 only six kilometers. I went to SMKPB with five other students. That are me, yusHanani, zaniafa, Rosmah, Hani and Thenesh, one only a boy’s student from my school.Then I and three others my bestfriend went by teacher Hazlina’s car.At 8 o’clock we arrived at SMKPB. Then teacher leave us in this school in waiting two other my friends.So, we were walking in SMKPB’s area while compare this school with our school.huhuhuhuh…Then, we realize that our school is the best school. We also grateful got school at SMKP2. I n my opinion, SMKPB is a small school that have an irregular buildings…huuhuuhuh….that is so funny.[heheheheh…xbaik betul ana ni] and more funny, the canteen was very dirty and too small. I think,the environment of this school is not good to students.So, I thankful got school at SMKP2. I love my school very99 much.

Okay, I think I want to story about the seminar but I not have an idea.huhuhuh. Hopefully, after I attending this seminar, I got the technique how to answer paper 3 in biology..,although I not clearly more because it not easy to catch up all technique in four hour, but I will try my best to answer the best answer in spm,insyaalah.AMIN.

Huh, today also, I have a big problem, one day I cannot study very well because I remembered on someone. Then I loose the strength to study. ALLAHhuakbar!!!!
I so worried to see my self like this. I think my soul is empty. Ya Allah, help me,guide me to STUDY SMART!!!!!!!!!! Astagfirullahhalazim….tension++++…I think it better to stop now. Please pray the best for me.

===>>>>>my FAVOURITE SONGS that only can calm my soul<<<<<====


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