Thursday, April 15, 2010

::New Blog::

Yesterday, I got my composition book. Then, my teacher complain that my composition was not consistent.So, I think, I have do something to improve my compostion.Then, I got an idea to create a new blog in title "English Diary Milk" to achieve my objective.
Each wordS in the blog's name have a specific meaning and vision.There are:-

*ENGLISH = InsyaALLAH, I will try to write a FULLY english's post.
*DIARY = In this blog I will post my daily routine or in other word is"diary"
*MILK = huhuhuhu...actually, I want to show to all visiter that I love
chocolate "diary milk" by cadbury [it is right my spelling]

So, it means I need a laptop from abang mizi to help me update this blog each day.Can I got it?? Hurm, this week, kakbi leave her laptop because she not having time to took this laptop. For this three day with this kakbut's laptop, I think burdened with it because I have waste so many time to surf facebook only.That was a very bad leisure time that I regreted.Seriously, for four month of this year, I think, I never satisfied my study time because I cannot used my leisure time wisely.So, my friends @ visiter, I need your support an favour especially my siblings.

Okey,I have five minute more to write, so, I wanted to talk a story about my rocket.
Hurm, yesterday also I have launch my group's rocket, ALHAMDULILLAH, my rocket was one of a good trial because it lunched very well, but I need to repair it more to product the best rocket.huhuhuh....

Actually I have too many homework to do, so, I think I must stop now.Please pray for me and any comments or correction for each my composition is acceptable. So, do not be shy to leave your comment because your comment maybe can help me.Thank you.

::Ya ALLAH, give me strength..~hasbiallah wa nikmal waqil~


Foto ComeL ^^;