Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My homework...

Halloo guys and assalamu'alaikum....actually, this is my own composition that I need to finish it as my homework!! and the song "you raised me up" had gave me some idea to write. I'm sory because I'm not sure that this essay is completed copy or not..I forget it..
Date of Published : 03/04/2010

It is one of those hot, sweltering afternoons. Today, I back home at 2.40 p.m like a normal student not as a usual days that are full with tuition and I always back home at 6.00 p.m. Oh, thank God! I am very grateful for the cancelled tuition. So,this time I can use wisely to finish up all my homework. I remembered once of the proverb say "never put of till tomorrow what can be done today".So, I try to finish up my homeworks today.
After I got lunch of my favourite food, "sambal ikan semilang.I got a power and stregth to do my homeworks.My mother's cookery never dissapointed me because in her meal, I can feel her loving and caring towards her childrens. So, after that, I started doing my homeworks in my study room with the compony of my mp3.

"You raised me up, so I can stand on mountain; you raised me up, to walk on stormy seas;..." in randomly, my mp3 play one of my favourite song that is 'You raised me up' sang by Josh Grovan.My mind also starts fly in the sky.I recall my mind whose are impressed me and importantly always by my side.The person is very special to me, without her, maybe I cannot see this world. There is my beloved mother.Her name is Saemah binti Tihun.Her old entered 59 years old in this year.Although my mother in category old but her bones very strong like a young people.

There are more special about my mother that make me impressed.Although, my mother not have education but her opinion like a knowledgable people. She always think afar and positively in addition about an education. She hope all her childrens become a knowlegeble person success in their life not be like her. The blessing of her prayers, all my siblings get an education.It shows that my mother follows our Prophet's advice that is,'teach your childrens follow their epoch'.That is a good character of mother


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